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I write about love, relationships, and gay mating habits with a pinch of dry humor. Gaymer. Manager — English / Español
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Knowing what you want is half the battle — solve the things described here is a whole different world

The other day a new friend texted me.

“What are you doing? Let’s go out.”

It was Saturday night, and he was with another pal in a new gay place in my town. …

And what they really think about the older gays

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Last year I wrote an entry about the open war between thirty years old gays and twenty years old gays. Perhaps it wasn’t my best effort, but it worth reading if you want to understand this one.

The thing is, I think that entry lacked perspective, as I am myself…

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Oh, he travels, or he is in a couple

Recently it comes to my attention that the most followed content on Instagram and Twitter (for gays of course) is “gay couple” or “gay who travels”. I realize this after a quick search on my account and later with the help of Google. Say nothing if you already knew this…

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And why it is subtle

The word "whore" has many treatments in mainstream media. For years, it was used to diminish women's capacity to own their sexuality. Sometimes, it is used in a pejorative way, other times disguised as a "joke." Nowadays, it is a little different. …

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Nobody told us what to do when it gets difficult

There is something never discussed when we talk about relationships. What to do when the first breeze of boredom hits you in the face?

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The advice that no one tells you

Finally, the day has come: Your boss calls you to his/her office and delivers the best news. They will promote you next month. Or maybe you work at a firm and you get to see your name on a cork billboard: You aren’t longer Assistant I, now you are a…

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Is there another result of cheating besides feeling guilty?

It’s hard to understand why you end up cheating on your partner. I used to believe that is something related to sexual behavior. I attached the necessity of cheating close to the idea that “humans can’t have sex with the same person for the rest of their lives.”

But now…

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Meritocracy is a fable

In Cher Horowitz fashion I’ll start this post with…

So, you are fresh out of college. After two hard months, you landed in the corporate job of your dreams. At entry-level, but at least you are in, right? You finally work in a gigantic building and have to dress nice…

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If you like my writing, here you will find my range of topics

Hey there.

It’s a complicated world and most of us don’t have enough time to scroll down to a profile and see if there is another post similar to the one I just liked. …

Super Mario RPG was an epic collaboration between two industry heavyweights

You may not be aware of this, but 1996 was one of the strongest years for video games. The utterly revolutionary Super Mario 64 was shipped to western markets, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was in development. …

Jonathan E. Uzcategui Dum

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